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January 2021 Cellar Society release info

2018 Cabernet Franc

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Happy New Year! Whew, we made it! It’s time to pull a cork with anticipation and hopes for an excellent tomorrow. We continue to send our warmest appreciation for your enthusiastic support and wishes that you and yours are staying healthy and happy.

For our January Cellar Society selection, we are so pleased to share our 2018 Kriselle Cellars Cabernet Franc with you. Although we cultivate and create a good deal of Cabernet Franc, it is one of our smallest production wines as a stand-alone varietal due to the quantity that goes into our flagship blend, Di’tani.  We enjoy sharing this estate-grown Cabernet Franc with our cherished members.  The last release we were able to do so was a few years ago when we shared the 2015 vintage. At last, it’s time for Cabernet Franc!

This distribution is the first red wine from the 2018 vintage, and so we share with you a few words about the vintage.  The year was favorable for Southern Oregon grape growers in many ways.  Early fruit set gave us a great start to the new growing season. Mild rains hit in the spring, but didn’t disturb the young grape flowers or buds. Then, it was a long and dry summer here in the Rogue Valley. We experienced an extended growing season with high daytime temperatures well into harvest. In our area, we are often fortunate to experience long summers that keep us enjoying outdoors and ripening fruit well into September and October. It is during this time that we have large diurnal temperature swings that allow for natural acidity to develop. This is one of the elements that make Kriselle Cellars wines particularly well-balanced. Winemaker Scott determines day of harvest for a particular wine grape by examining the chemistry of the grapes: sugars and acid are among the variables that determine ripeness, but mostly on flavors. Scott describes that when he tastes a perfectly ripe grape it will “pop” or burst with flavor. Once the grapes achieve this quality he knows they are ready to be picked and made into the delicious wine we share with you today.  The harvest date for our Cabernet Franc in 2018 was a beautiful fall day of October 10th.  

Retail pricing for 2018 Cabernet Franc is $32.00/bottle, when it is released to the public. Members receive discounts according to their membership tier. Our 3 bottle members receive 15% off regular pricing ($27.20/bottle), 6 bottle members receive 20% savings ($25.60/bottle) and our hearty case members enjoy a 25% discount ($24.00/bottle). A privilege of membership is the extended discount given to each wine following initial distribution. Stock up on these wines today while it is still at your great membership pricing. Your added distribution discount will be honored until March 1, 2021. Please call us at 541.830.VINO (8466), email info@krisellecellars.com to place your order.