' Sustainability - Kriselle Cellars


Every day we look out over the Rogue Valley and feel the blessings bestowed upon us by the beauty and grace of this land.
Every day we gaze into our Tasting Room and appreciate every beloved member of our staff serving our cherished visitors and the devoted fans of our wine. 
We strongly feel the obligation and dedication to all. To the land, we owe stewardship that creates and supports life today and tomorrow.
To the people, we owe a place to come to work and products that support health and well-being.
To our wines consumers, we dedicate ourselves to offering them a wholesome and healthy product to enjoy. 
At Kriselle Cellars, we are committed to giving the best of ourselves to this land and to our people.

In the vineyard:
All our of farming practices work to maintain the health of our soils, the vibrancy of our vines, and sustainability of the land.
Our cover crops are planted annually in the fall to retain moisture and contribute nutrients to the soil, reducing the need for herbicides or pesticides.
Each spring we release 1,000’s of beneficial insects to eliminate harmful pests naturally, and without the use of sprays.
Our fright kites are a quiet and natural method for reducing bird pressure without harming grape predators.  
We use our water rights judiciously, knowing the precious resource must be shared, watering only what the plants need, and not wasting a drop.

In the winery:
All agents for winemaking and sanitizing are natural compounds.
Cleanliness is our highest priority ensuring that wines produced at Kriselle Cellars are without microbial issues and healthy to consume.

In the tasting room:
All of our flooring, interior walls and exterior are constructed from reclaimed lumber.
Our heating and cooling is fueled by geo-thermal energy.
Our kitchen uses local and organic ingredients, whenever possible.
We reduce waste of all materials, whenever possible. 
We recycle paper, glass, cardboard, cans, bottles, and food scraps.
We reuse packing material and carrying cases and bags. 

For the people:
We treat our staff and workers with respect and dignity.
Their remuneration is well above industry standards so that they themselves can flourish.

For the future:
Kriselle Cellars is currently in contract with True South Solar, LLC planning our solar farm, which will support both the winery and our tasting room with 100% renewable energy.
Look for shovels in the ground in late Fall 2021. We cannot wait to further our vision of more sustainable practices using the abundant and beautiful sunshine this property lavishes in.